Access to new treatments in advanced cancers and severe inflammatory diseases

Inatherys is a biotechnology company developing monoclonal antibodies for therapies

These innovative molecules are dedicated to the treatment of


Advanced cancers without therapeutic alternative

INA03 and new generations of antibodies are targeting the transferrin receptor (CD71).
CD71 regulates cellular activation and proliferation. Preclinical studies have shown that tumor cells, with high proliferative capacity, strongly express the CD71 receptor. Therefore antibody against CD71 will preferentially target cancer cells.


Severe inflammatory diseases resistant to conventional treatment

INA02 is an anti-CD89 antibody. The CD89 receptor is expressed on the surface of many cells involved in inflammation. Indeed INA02 takes effect prior to the inflammatory reaction in the body. INA02 binds itself onto CD89 receptor expressed only by inflammatory cells and reduces the release of the mediators responsible for the inflammation.

Monoclonal antibodies
Biotechnology company

Inatherys, a biotechnology company from academic research

Inatherys, a biotechnology company from academic research.
Founded in 2009, Inatherys is a biotechnology company spin-off from INSERM (Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale).
The founders come from academic research units.

  • INSERM U1149 – Renal immunopathology, Bichat hospital, Paris
  • Imagine Institute – Laboratory of molecular mechanisms of hematologic disorders

in partnership with Adult Hematology Department of Necker Hospital, Paris


A highly complementary and experienced team

Inatherys' strength lies in the engagement of a team of researchers, onco/hematology physicians, entrepreneurs and pharmaceutical development specialists.

Our medical, scientific and monoclonal antibodies development expertises, performed for more than 20 years, is recognized at the international stage.

Our mission

Cancers and severe inflammatory diseases: a public health issue


Every year, 12 million people are affected by cancers in the world. Severe inflammatory diseases handicap hundreds of millions of people.

Inatherys' mission is to design and develop innovative molecules providing solutions for the treatment of

  • Advanced cancers without therapeutic alternative
  • Severe inflammatory diseases, resistant to conventional treatments, such as asthma, arthritis ...

Inatherys' monoclonal antibodies INA02 and INA03 meet a real medical need.

These molecules have demonstrated their effectiveness in preclinical studies and will be developed in patients in advanced stages of their disease, when traditional treatments are no longer effective.

Our team

Pierre Launay


Coralie Belanger

Medical Director

Cécile Réal

Financial and administrative management advisor

Olivier Hermine

Chairman of the Scientific Council

Pierre Launay


Renato Monteiro

Scientific Advisor

Ivan Moura

Scientific Advisor

Pierre Launay


Cécile Réal

Financial and administrative management advisor

Dominique Megret

Board member

Anne Bousseau

Board member

Jacky Vonderscher

Board member

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