Pierre Launay
Directeur Opérationnel et Scientifique

Pierre Launay

Co-founder, in charge of the scientific direction and the product developments.
Doctor in Immunology, Inserm research director and team “Avenir” director of U699 unit. Doctoral student at Necker hospital, Pierre has more than 17 years of experience in basic research on monoclonal antibodies and their therapeutic implications and has published some of his work in scientific journals such as Cell, Nature et Science. He coordinated several projects on inflammation (NIH Grant R01, ANR-Genopath) and cancer (ARC) as well as a research program in allergology (Foundation for medical research). Former Instructor at Harvard Medical School in Boston for 6 years, he characterized new therapeutic targets (ion channels) in inflammation.

He was also a scientific consultant for 4 years for Synta Pharmaceuticals biotechnology company located in Lexington. As such, he took part in the creation, in 2001, of a research department within the company on ion channels’ agonists for applications in inflammation. He undertook the Challenge+ training program of French management and business school (HEC).

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