INA02, a new weapon against severe inflammatory diseases


A body’s response to an agression from various agents (infectious, allergic…). Therefore, asthma, polyarthritis are exemples of inflammatory diseases that are a major public health problem. Today’s treatments can be difficult to endure and side effects can affect their efficiency.

INA02, a monoclonal antybody to treat severe inflammatory diseases

Preclinical studies done with INA02 have shown its efficiency on severe inflammatory diseases such as asthma, arthritis and kidney inflammation.

INA02 specifically regulates the cells that are responsible for inflammation

INA02 takes effect prior to the inflammatory process in the body. INA02 binds itself onto a receiver (CD89) specifically located on the inflammatory cells and reduces the release of the mediators responsible for the inflammation. The inflammatory process is thus stopped. This very targeted action should help avoiding the serious side effects related to the treatment.