Inatherys, a biotechnology company from basic research.

Founded in 2009, Inatherys is a biotechnology company spin-off from INSERM (Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale).
The founders come from basic research units.

  • INSERM U699 – Renal immunopathology, Bichat hospital, Paris
  • CNRS URM 8147 – Cytokines, immune responses and hematopoiesis

in partnership with Adult hematology department of Necker Hospital, Paris

Development of monoclonal antibodies for targeted therapies

Inatherys‘ mission is to design and develop innovative molecules providing solutions for the treatment of

  • Advanced cancers wihout therapeutic alternative
  • Severe inflammatory diseases, resistant to conventional treatments, such as asthma, arthritis ...

Inatherys‘ monoclonal antibodies INA01and INA02 meet a real medical need.
These molecules have demonstrated their effectiveness in preclinical phase and will be developed in patients in advanced stages of their disease, when traditional treatments are no longer effective.

Monoclonal antibodies, thanks to their specificity, generally offer a better tolerance profile by targeting mainly the tumor (INA01) or cells responsible for the inflammation (INA02) while sparing normal cells, compared to conventional treatments based on chemotherapy or corticosteroids for example, which have a more general action.

A highly complementary and experienced team

Inatherys‘ strength lies in the meeting of a team of research workers, doctors, entrepreneurs and pharmaceutical development specialists. Our medical, scientific and monoclonal antybodies development expertise, perfected for more than 20 years, is recognised on the international stage.

Cancers and severe inflammatory diseases : a public health issue

Statistics are alarmist. Every year, 12 million people are affected by cancer in the world. Severe inflammatory diseases handicap hundreds of millions of people.

  • The complexity and multiplicity of mechanisms involved in their development.
  • The limitations of current treatments related to very frequent resistance phenomena and side effects limiting their utilisation, especially in elderly patients.

Scientipole contest laureate

Challenge HEC Forum finalist

Fondation de France Grand Prix – Pr Olivier Hermine

Essec contest laureate – Sénat

«creation – development» OSEO contest laureate

National Agency of Research « ANR Biotech »

Prestation Technologique Réseau

AIMA Porteur de projet du Centre Francilien de l’Innovation

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