Inatherys is a biotechnology company developing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

These innovative molecules are dedicated to the treatment of:

  • Advanced cancers without therapeutic alternative (INA01).

INA01 is a transferrin anti-receptor antibody (CD71). CD71 regulates cellular activation and proliferation. Preclinical studies have shown that tumor cells, with high proliferative capacity, strongly express the CD71 receptor and that the blocking of its biological activity with INA01 inhibits tumor cell proliferation and causes cell death by apoptosis.

  • Severe inflammatory diseases resistant to conventional treatment (INA02).

INA02 is an anti-CD89 antibody. The CD89 is expressed on the surface of many cells involved in inflammation. Its blocking by INA02 provokes a sustained inhibition of multiple inflammatory responses.



Inatherys realised a €4 million increase of its capital in late 2013 subscribed by private investors.


Inatherys elected Scientistar 2013 during Scientipôles awards

Grand prix de la Fondation de France

The Fondation de France Grand Prix was awarded to Professor Olivier Hermine research works on the role of iron in cancerous proliferation.

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